Community Science

From Ellie’s Log

Project Squirrel was set up in 2009 to record squirrel activities. It can help you recognize activities of different squirrel species.

From Ricky’s Atlas

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network
This is the page with daily info on precipitation You can sign up to post what you measure on an official four-inch rain gauge . OSU Extension Service has training workshops.

Oregon Season Tracker
For Oregon, connects up information about rainfall and plant phenology.

From Ricky in the City

Bumblebee Watch
Add your records and photos to North American records. Experts will help identify bees.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Celebrate Urban Birds feature a “CUBs” Data Study Kit for kids and ID guide
eBird is a way of sharing bird observations. After students are trained in basic skills for identifying birds, their class can participate in a class eBird account.
Birdsleuth Explorer’s Guidebook: A kid’s guide to bird ID and bird counting, with journal pages for counting and observations.

Dragonfly Pond Watch (Xerces Society)
Tracks dragonflies in ponds, including when they emerge and how they behave.

Hummingbirds at home (Audubon Society)
Add your observations to national hummingbird maps.

Share information about the diversity of biological organisms everywhere. Post a project to pool information together by team members.

City Nature Challenge (Encyclopedia of Life) uses iNaturalist posting.
Join this bioblitz-style international effort to find and record plants and wildlife in cities across the globe.

Western Monarch Milkweed Mapper (Xerces Society)
Submit photos of any stage of monarchs and milkweeds.

National Geographic
Resource Library: Finding Urban Nature has several ideas outdoor adventures and for community participation including conducting a bioblitz and finding bird cams.

Helps you find a citizen science project depending on what activity or topic interests you. There are lots of possibilities out there.

In the Pacific Northwest

Audubon Society, Portland
Community (or citizen) science page lists projects all over the state that monitor for particular places and/or species. Pages of special interest:
Swift roost count protocols are listed on the community science page.
Kids’ Guide to Oregon Birds: photographs grouped as backyard birds, raptors.
LIving with Urban Wildlife: informative pages about many urban wildlife critters and ways to help them.

Oregon Season Trackers (Oregon State University Extension)
Gathers information about weather patterns along with how plants and animals are responding to changes in climate conditions. Data from all over Oregon.

Pacific Northwest Bee Atlas
Documenting bees found in the Pacific Northwest. Conservation partners in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Stream Webs Student Stewardship Network (Oregon State University Extension; Oregon Sea Grant)
Watershed data collection, analysis, and sharing with other students. There are many opportunities with stream monitoring; search for one near you.

From Ellie’s Strand

Join one of 1000 cleanup projects that happen throughout Oregon each year!

Surfrider Foundation
These surfers aim to save the seas! Be one of its network of volunteers who protect our ocean and beaches through clean-up campaigns and educational programs.

International Coastal Cleanup
Be part of this annual global event, hosted by the Coastal Conservancy.

Global Youth Service Day
Pitch in with the largest service event in the world that celebrates contributions that kids make 365 days of the year.