Guides to the World of Living Things

From Ellie’s Log

Discover Life
IDnature Guides: user-friendly keys for many groups (like butterflies, birds, wildflowers) by narrowing your search using pictures of shapes, colors etc.
All Living Things is an encyclopedia of living organisms that describes the taxonomy, natural history, distribution, abundance and ecology of each group.

Project Noah
Volunteers identify images submitted to the Organisms photo page. Your photos can be added to global(!) map. By narrowing the map’s area you’ll find what has been seen near YOU.

Into the Forest Workbook (Oregon Forest Research Institute)
23 pages about PNW forest ecosystems and forestry with student-friendly activities and questionnaires.

From Ricky’s Atlas

National Audubon Society First Field Guide: Trees by Brian Cassie, 1999. Scholastic Inc.
Good photos of cones, needles, leaves, and the trees themselves.

Oregon Wildflowers; A Children’s Field Guide to the State’s Most Common Flowers by Beverly Magley, illustrated by D. D. Dowden, 1992. Falcon Press
Simple but realistic color drawings of many of Oregon’s common flowers. Arrangement by habitats is very handy.

From Ricky in the City

Curious Kids Nature Guide: Explore the Amazing Outdoors of the Pacific Northwest by Fiona Cohen, illustrated by Marni Fylling (2017).
Details about biological lifestyles and when or where you’d find many common plants and animals of forest, beach, freshwater, backyards, and urban parks that appear in the Ellie and Ricky series, too.

Look Up!: Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard by Annette LaBlanc Cate (2014).
Funny illustrations and text help you get outside with a sketchbook to enjoy watching birds.