How Our Website Works

We have many ways for you to tell others about what animals and plants are doing where you live.  Together we can watch the seasons change in neighborhoods across North America.  You can post your observations on our website, and participate in a wide variety of other sites where kids are contributing data.  Here’s how to get started:

Report what you find:

  • Download a pdf form for  tracking data.
  • Check out other cool websites for tracking data.

Get ideas about what’s happening outside each month:

  • Ellie’s “home” page has ideas about what you might see in your neighborhood for each month of the year.  Check for yourself!

Get the facts behind the forest where Ellie lives:

  • In “About the Forest” see the real forest where Ellie lives
  • Download photos of plants, bugs, birds & others from the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest.

Learn about Ellie the book, the author and illustrator:

  • The “About” page has a trailer with Judith Li and M. L. Herring.

Classes can report and compare data:

  • Submit to written reports or stories to Story Boards
  • Submit maps, illustrations, graphs or photos to Drawing Boards
  • Compare your work with other schools.
  • Look for the special badges that come up when you submit your information.


  • Share experiences and ideas on the “Teachers” page.
  • Find other resources for your classroom.