Journaling and Mapmaking

From Ellie’s Log

My Nature Journal, A Personal Nature Guide for Young People by Adrienne Olmstead. 1999.Pajaro.
Short explanations of all kinds of natural spaces – like woodlands, streams and seashores. Make your own observations and drawings in all the space this book provides.

From Ricky’s Atlas

Be Your Own Map Expert by Barbara Taylor, 1993. Sterling Publishers
Simple directions for figuring out maps and how to make my own. Liked the ideas for making a compass, fun symbols to use on maps and games, drawing flat and round maps.

Small Worlds: Maps and Mapmaking by Karen Romano Young, 2002. Scholastic Inc.
Maps of earthly systems, city networks, even our brains show how we can learn from maps and create them ourselves.

From Ricky in the City

This site has several mapping tools to find your special place in the world with many ways to view geography at many scales from walls sized to 1 pagers for states, countries and continents.