Teacher Resources

Freshwaters Illustrated
Videos and Educators’ Guide to many films, particularly Up River, about the Willamette River basin
Many excerpts about conservation, ecology, geography & culture, particularly for Ricky in the City readers: "The City," "An Awakening," and The Lost Fish, about Pacific Lamprey in the Columbia River basin.
Excerpt: Hanging On
Educators’ Guide to these and other films have learning activities and link to related resources.

National Geographic
Videos: What is water pollution?
The Urban Water Cycle (Gr 3-8)
Urban Jungles(Gr 5-12)
Infographic: Investigating the Water Cycle
Article: Point and nonpoint sources of pollution: Air, Water and Land Sources
This site has several mapping tools to discover your special place in the world including: Mapmaker kits & interactive maps: with many ways to view geography (e.g. topography, demographics, climate) in sizes from wall to 1 pagers for states, countries and continents
See also: Resource Library: Finding Urban Nature

Pollinator Partnership
BeeSmart School Garden provides a binder and curriculum
Also vocabulary “fun” resources: a bloom bingo, posters & brochures; garden-growing tips

Xerces Society blog: Cedaroak Park Primary School Gardens offer learning opportunities.
Follow staff, teachers and volunteers as they transform the identity and culture of the school by creating a pollinator-friendly garden with support of Grow Portland, a nonprofit that focuses on improving physical and mental health through urban gardening

Tryon Creek State Natural Area
Nature at Home - Nature Journals suggests ways to develop journaling skills and activity sheets for kids to explore on their own. Based on the setting for several Ricky in the City adventures.