Helpful Links

Discover Life is an interactive encyclopedia about the taxonomy, natural history, distribution, abundance & ecology of species. Includes identification guides, maps. 

IDnature Guides are easy-to-use identification tools using excellent photographs.

All Living Things is  an encyclopedia with photographs and information about the full range of life on earth.

Ecolibrary is a good resource for images that can be emailed to you for free use in non-commercial applications. Ten categories of images, many of them from Africa and the tropics, include “ecosystems” and “change over time” that are particularly applicable to Ellie’s Log readers.

Journey North is a dynamic site that features global wildlife migrations and seasonal change. Citizen scientists track sunlight, plant, and particular animal changes with each season. Postings for each category are kept for the current season, with records for previous seasons also available. Maps track where postings have been made for particular days within the current season,