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Teachers' Guide

Thirteen activities explore concepts of:

  • diversity
  • habitat structure
  • decomposition
  • food webs

The first activities review data and identify ideas in the book (like critter and habitat diversity).

In later activities students design experiments and conduct field studies.  These activities use Ellie and Ricky as models for asking questions, recording information and pursuing answers to their own questions. Biota and ecological processes in the book are based on research at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, and can be used as data for class activities.


Molly Charnes, a teacher in the HJA Research Experience for Teachers program, created a game entitled: H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Tea Party, that includes a “deck” of organism role cards  with great photos and notes on natural history.  These are biota of Ellie’s forest, and in addition to the Tea Party game, could be used in a variety of ways to explore questions of biota, habitats or ecosystems.  I’ve added a few stream organism role cards specific to Ellie’s Log.