Monthly Log


It's freezing cold outside, and I've been thinking about the birds and mammals trying to survive outside. What is there for them to eat? How about berries still on the bushes?

Not the soft, sweet fruits of strawberries, blackberries or other treats of summer. It's the tougher, more weather-proof berries of autumn that stay on bushes much longer- they're special food treats this time of year. Sometimes a crowd of birds swoop down and devour the berries all at once!

Do you see any berries outside now? What kinds are they? In the Pacific Northwest these might be: Holly berries (red berries also called winter berries), Snowberries (white berries the size of small marbles on bushes without any leaves), Salal (blue-black berries on bushes with leathery green leaves), Huckleberries (red or blue berries on delicate shrubs) 

Is anybody eating the berries???