Monthly Log


Rufous hummingbirds are returning to our forest this month.  They're the only "hummers" we see here, but many places have several hummingbird species.

Rufous adults are mostly brownish-orange - on their bellies and usually on their backs, so they're pretty easy to identify.  They'll live here in spring and summer, then migrate southward all around the West during cooler seasons.

I love to watch the hummers take turns feeding at our feeder.  Usually one waits at a nearby shrub while another feeds, but sometimes they'll squabble if two birds are incoming at the same time.

Here's the recipe we use for our hummingbird feeders: 1/4 cup sugar stirred into 1 cup boiling water. Cool before putting in the feeder.  (We don't add any color, and the birds are attracted to the color of the feeder).

What hummingbirds have you spotted lately?  What are they doing?

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