Monthly Log


I'm glad to be cozy-warm in our cabin this month, but I wonder about how animals are staying warm right now. Check out the critters I learned about:

Golden crowned kinglets build nests under spruce branches when there is still snow on the trees.  Spider’s silk, moss, tiny twigs, hair and feathers keep the cold out.



Chickadees have dense fluffy feathers to help them stay warm. They huddle together in tight little spaces when they roost at night.


Some animals hibernate and lower their body temperature: Bears curl up in a cave; frogs bury into the mud; some squirrels bury themselves underground.

These animals avoid the cold and don’t have to worry about finding food.  Others are busy all winter looking for food and finding places to rest protected a little from the weather.


Tell us what animals you see outside this season.  What have you learned about how they are surviving?