Connections to Common Core


The combination of story and research-based science in Ricky’s Atlas  provides many opportunities for interdisciplinary reading, writing and science activities. This guide suggests ways in which the book, sometimes with materials accessible online, can be used to meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

Activities connected by performance expectations are arranged by grade and color coded:
Blue: Science and engineering practices
Red: Disciplinary cores
Green: Crosscutting concepts and other connections

Glance through the activities of a grade level to see ways in which activities fulfill a range of standards. 

Class/student activities (right column) are coded by grade with letters noting consecutive activities within that grade (e.g. 3B. is the second activity for grade 3). 


The activities for Ricky’s Atlas designed for third through fifth grades address several cross-cutting themes in English Language Arts, Literature as Informational Text, Geography and History.

PDF icon Science Standards -Ricky's Atlas

PDF icon Oregon Education Standards - Ricky's Atlas