Web Resources for Teachers

We recognize websites change, and we will try to keep information current annually.

Fossils and Dinosaurs

Website for John Day Fossil Beds National Monument:
Features geological strata for represented eras, information on fossils found at the monument.

Paleontology Lessons from America’s Largest Classrooms:
10 lessons; 5 are from John Day Fossil Beds National Monument; also a Dinosaur Kit from Alaska Public Lands


National Weather Service website that explains weather patterns:

Western Regional Climate Center: rainfall data for the West with maps of locations


Photographs of prescribed fire in eastern Oregon forests from the U. S. Forest Service

USFS prescribed fire: maintaining the balance (2012)
(9 min 22 sec)  shows how prescribed fires are done, values gained.

BLM prescribed fires Wyoming (2017)
(3 min 32sec) A more technical description, but before and after fire shots of an aspen grove illustrate what is described in Ricky’s Atlas.

Natural Prairie

Video clip of the Zumwalt Prairie (location of the natural prairie visited by Ricky and Ellie):