Ellies Log

From the winter day when the Great Tree falls, ten-year-old Ellie and her new friend, Ricky, explore the Douglas fir forest where Ellie lives. They learn about how trees decay, discover where a diversity of critters live, and experience the wonder of seasonal changes. In their explorations they help collect scientific information, assisting Ellie’s parents who are biologists in the forest. Ellie writes personal notes, records data, and includes drawings in her field notebook at the end of each chapter.

Ellie's Log and Ricky's Atlas Book Trailer Videos

Ricky's Atlas

In the sequel to Ellie’s Log, sixth graders Ricky and Ellie explore the dry forests and grasslands east of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. Just as Ricky arrives at his uncle’s ranch an exciting thunderstorm starts a wildfire nearby. On visits to recovering fire sites, a fire tower, a working ranch, a natural prairie and geological sites, Ricky and Ellie learn how plants, animals and people survived long ago and today in the rain shadow east of the mountains.

Ellie's Strand

Ellie and Ricky travel to the Oregon coast from their home in the Cascade Mountains to help with a one-day beach cleanup. Hoping to find a prized Japanese glass float, they instead find more important natural treasures, and evidence of an ocean that needs its own global-scale cleanup. Together, they realize the power of volunteering and grapple with the challenges of ocean conservation.

Osprey Web Cam!

Watch two osprey hatchlings in the nest at HJ Andrews Forest.